Phone Number Review

Phone Number Review

Coming in third out of all the sites we rated was We found the site pretty basic but they do give you the results you are looking for. It seems their data base isn’t as large as some of the others but it is kept up to date.

The one thing that really stands out about this site is the people search and the court records. You can dig up some really personal info one someone. Want to check out your daughters new boyfriend?

Phone Number Scan offers 3 different membership levels so you can decide on how long you want to join for. Once we started searching for old classmates and other lost friends the time just seemed to go by.

While they are not used as much anymore they had a large data base on pay phone and pager numbers. If you are getting prank calls from a payphone, this is the site to use. Start by using the search to see if your number returns some basic info before joining.

Overall we had no problem looking up any cell, home or business number.

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