How to Trace and Expose the Owner of Any Phone Number

ex: 555-555-5555

If you are getting annoying unknown or prank phone calls on your phone. There is a way to find out who they are, even if the number is unlisted. There is nothing worse than getting calls late in the night waking you up, or while you are driving in heavy traffic. Sure, you could you shut your phone off but then you may miss an important phone call.

Plus if you are like me, I am sure your curious to find out who it is. Most of the times, it turns out to be an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend with a new phone number, checking up on you or just plain harassing you. These procedures will also work for pesky telemarketers or salesmen.

First get the complete phone number from your caller ID and write it down. In some cases, you can find out some information using a major search engine. And since it is free, it is always worth a try. Just enter their phone number in Google or any other search engine and see what you get back. You can also try the phone: followed by their number. While this may work for some land lines, it usually does not work for cell phones unless a person has entered it online somewhere, like a discussion forum or auction.

If it did not work you are going to have to use a reverse phone search service. You can waste your time looking for free ones, but in most cases they are a waste of time. Most of them are just scams. They claim to be free taking you to a certain point and then ask you to pay for the good information, I think the way they operate is very misleading and annoying. If you do happen to find a free service that works. It will only be for landline telephones. They all use a free database, which is public domain. It’s the same information, you can get from Google.

Cell phones, unlisted numbers, pay phones, telemarketers, mobile phones and others will have to be run through a professional reverse phone search. You will have to pay a small fee to use their service. Since they have a staff of people maintaining their database, which they pay for they do have to charge you a fee. However, the information you get back is well worth it. Depending on what service you join, you can get back into more than the name and address of the person.

You may have access to criminal and court records, marriage and divorce records, financial records, address history, work history, credit records, and much more. You will be amazed at just how much dirt, you can actually dig up on someone using just a phone number. Since all searches are discreet and confidential. They will never know.

This service has been used by professional investigators and law enforcement agencies for years. Now you can have access to the same service they use, and a much lower cost. Plus you can have all your information in minutes. You know that prank caller that just called you up at 3 am. five times, run his number and you can can print out more information on him than he knows about himself. Give them a call back in the middle might wake them up. Let them know you have their name and address and a map to their house. You also know where they work and what kind of car they drive, and about their criminal record.

I can almost guarantee you will never hear from them again. In most cases they mumble some sort of apology. I would love to see the look on her face. Same for them telemarketers and constantly call you even though you asked to be removed from their list. Run their number and get their main office telephone number, give them a call. For some reason they always wonder how you got your main office number. It gets results.

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