Reverse Cell Phone Listing – 3 Ways To Preform A Search

ex: 555-555-5555

A reverse cell phone listing is needed if you want to trace or find out who owns an unknown cell phone number. You may be getting prank calls or hang ups and want to find out who is behind the calls. Maybe you want to see who your husband or wife has been calling. You can get their recent call history from their cell phone and preform a search on the unknown numbers.

Here are 3 ways to research a cell number. First you can try a search engine. Google will usually give you the best results. Type in the number you want to trace and see what you get back. You can also try typing in Phone: 555-555-5555 of course replace this with the actual number you want to look up. This method will work if the person has at one time or another posted their number on a forum, message board or in a classified ad. This method works great for land line telephones but not as well for cell phones.

Second method you can try is preforming a search on some of the popular social sites like Myspace or Facebook. Just go to their site and type the number in their search form. With so many people having their own personal page and listing a cell phone number so other people can contact them this will work in some cases.

Third method is to use a professional service. If the other two methods did not work you will have to go this route. While there are a lot of so called free reverse phone services you will find them a waste of time. But feel free to try for yourself. I have yet to find a free service that does not require you to pay or has any worthwhile information. Since they all use the same free data base to run their site on most of the information is outdated and has very few if any cell numbers.

A decent paid service buys their info and data base from the major cell phone service providers so as soon as someone purchases a new phone it immediately goes into the data base and will show up in searches. Before joining a site you will want to do your homework since they are not all created equal.

You will be shocked the first time you use a paid service with the amount of personal info you can dig up on someone, and so will that prank caller or your husbands new girlfriend when you call them back and let them know you have their name, address, where they work, their past marriages, their complete criminal history and more.

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