Reverse Cell Phone Lookup – Stop Prank Calls

ex: 555-555-5555

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup – Stop Prank Calls

Do you get annoying prank calls or wrong numbers on you cell phone all the time? Nothing worse that getting prank calls at 2 am or while you are driving in heavy traffic. I used to get these all the time but I found out how to put a stop to them by getting the cell phone callers info from a reverse call search.

Instead of changing your phone number run a reverse cell phone search on the unknown caller and you will get back some pretty personal info on that person. Next print it out and call them back. I usually read back their name address and other personal information that my search provider gave me and tell them to stop calling. In most cases you will never hear from that number again. If they do keep calling you are armed with there info and you can call the authorities on them and file a complaint.

There are a lot of free reverse cell phone directories or at least ones that claim to be but you really have to watch what ones you join, You may be wasting your money. I would stick to the well know providers that have a good reputation, They service is well worth the fee you pay to join and once a member you have access to their other services like, people and classmate search, court records and other useful info. You can really dig up some dirt on another person.

As far as the free searches go, I’ll have to admit I tried most of them. The info you get back is pretty worthless since they use outdated public domain info for their data base. Cell phone numbers are not in the public domain like land line numbers are so it is a lot harder to trace a cell number.

The paid reverse cell phone directories keep their data base current and up to date by purchasing there info from cell phone providers. As soon as someone gets a new number it is entered into the system. We ran a test by buying a new call phone and ran the number. In just a few hours my name address and other info was showing up on the searches.

The best way to start tracing a cell number is by doing a preliminary search to see if some basic info is returned. While almost all cell phones are in the system some of the over the counter pre paid ones are not. Unless the person bought it with a credit card they are really hard to trace since they require no name or any other personal information to buy one.

You also need to watch what sites you join some of them are outright scams made to collect your personal information and money.

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