Stopping Unknown or Prank Cell Phone Text Messages

ex: 555-555-5555

If you are receiving unknown or prank cell phone text messages I know how annoying this can be. Not to mention, it runs up the cost of your bill. So how do you stop them? First of all you need to find out who has been sending them.

First thing you can try is getting the number from your caller ID and calling them back. Of course most of the time. They either don’t answer or, if they do answer they won’t say anything. People think they can hide behind text messages and not be traced. Well, they’re wrong.

If you do not recognize the number you can try entering the phone number from your caller ID into a major search engine, like Google. Sometimes you will get lucky and the person has entered their phone number online somewhere. While this procedure will work for landline telephones. Cell phones are harder to trace.

If the search engines gave you no results you are going to have to use a reverse phone search service. Reverse phone number searches contain all cell phones in their database. The better services update daily. They buy their database from all the major cell phone providers. To offset their costs they will have to charge you a small fee to use their service.

The one-time fee is well worth the information you get back. You can select the option to do a one time search at a lower cost. However, if you ever need to do a search again, you will have to pay again. This is why I usually recommend you select the yearly or lifetime membership. Once you find how useful this service is you will be wanting to check out other phone numbers. You will be amazed at how much information you can get on a person with just a phone number.

Okay, so back to our prank cell phone text message. Once you do a reverse search on their number print it out and call them back. Let them know you now know their name, address, where they work, and what kind of car they drive. Plus you have their cell phone service provider. This will more than likely stop your prank caller immediately. I would personally love to see the look on her face.

In most cases, you prank caller will be someone you know, like an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. They get a new cell phone with a new number, and think they can hide behind it. And you’re stuck with the bill. Unless you’re lucky enough to have unlimited text messages. But it’s still annoying to hear your cell phone going off while you’re sleeping are driving in heavy traffic.

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