Tracing An Unknown 800 Number – Turn The Tables On Them

ex: 555-555-5555

Tracing An Unknown 800 Number

Tracing an 800 number is not as easy as it sounds. Telemarketers are now hiding behind 800 numbers and using automated systems to make their calls. There is a way however to get the companies real phone number and address.

How many times have you received those automated calls that wait for you to say hello, sometimes several times before a mechanical sounding voice tells you to wait for the next operator. Yes let’s not waste their precious time. I am on the do not call list but still get calls form telemarketers. They claim they are “just doing a survey” so it is legal to call you.

Worse yet is the several calls I get per day on my cell phone that isn’t even in English, so I have no idea what they are saying and since it is a machine calling you I don’t even know how to get a live person to tell them to stop calling.

Taking matters into my own hands I started using a reverse call service to trace down these 800 numbers. Once you get their number from you cell phone or caller ID you can run it through a reverse call look up and get all sorts of info on the company. Like their main office phone number and address. From there you can call them back and talk to a live person to get your number removed from their system. For some reason if you work the words “phone harassment” into your conversation they always seem to change their attitude really fast.

Whenever I call a companies main office they always seem surprised, like how in the world did you get this number. Just for fun I call them back several more times to double check I have been removed from their calling system.

You can also use a reverse call search to find any unknown, unlisted, 800, business, residential, pay phone or cell phone. The service really comes in handy sometimes. If you want a little advice don’t waste too much time with so called free services. They all use outdated public domain info for their data base and I have never been able to find anything useful. I hate spending money but the paid reverse phone look up services are well worth it.

For a one time fee or a yearly membership you can dig up all sorts of juicy info on people with just their phone number. Try running your number through and I guarantee you will be shocked at what other people can find out about you that you thought was private information. An unexpected bonus I discovered after I joined is that you can request that your info be removed from their system.

Here is another small tip. If you do decide to join go for the yearly option. It is not that much more and then you have the use of their service for an entire year. The first time I joined I went for the one time search fee and a month later needed to reverse call a number and had to pay again costing me more than if I would have just paid the little extra in the first place.

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