Using a Cell Phone Reverse Listing

ex: 555-555-5555

A cell phone reverse listing service can be used to lookup any unknown phone number. Whether you’re getting prank calls, harassing telephone calls, or need to know who your boyfriend has been talking to use a cell phone reverse listing to find out the owner of any telephone.

A reverse phone service is very easy and simple to use. It only takes a couple minutes to find out all kinds of information from just a telephone number. Basically, all you do is enter the unknown phone number in a search box and it will supply you with information. From there you can use what you have found out and to do further searches if you wish to.

Depending on what you’re looking for you can not only get the name and address of the person who has been calling you that you can get a lot of other useful info if you wish. You can really dig up a lot of dirt on someone using these services. Once you run your basic search and have the person’s name and address from there you can pull up criminal records, court records, marriage records, divorce records, financial records, mortgage records, past job history and address history, plus a lot more depending on what service you are using.

There is a catch however, you’re not going to find this sort of information using a free service. The good news is the small one-time fee is very affordable and well worth the price of the time it will save you. Once you find out how useful the services you will want to perform more than one search. Therefore I recommend you do not opt in for the single search, join the site for longer term. You’ll be glad you did.

It is very interesting looking up your coworkers, neighbors, classmates, boyfriend or girlfriend, babysitter and maybe even your boss. Of course you may find out information you didn’t want to know. That guy you’ve been seeing, didn’t know he had a long criminal background did you?

So why not use a free cell phone reverse listing service? Because most of them are pretty worthless. You can waste a lot of time trying them but none of them will give you any useful information. They all use the same worthless free database for their information. And you can forget about looking up cell phones, they just aren’t in the free databases at all. It paid services purchase their information from cell phone companies in order to stay updated daily with current cell phone numbers.

Getting prank phone calls? You can use a cell phone reverse listing even if it’s three in the morning to quickly get the person’s name and address, where they work and what kind of car they drive. Give them a call back. Of course they never answer since they will see your number pop up in their caller ID but you can leave them a nice message letting them know you know who they are, where they live, where they work and about their recent speeding ticket.

I would just love to see the look on their face when they hear the message. I’m sure they are in complete shock wondering how you found out so much about them in so little time. And here they thought they were hiding behind their cell phone. I can almost guarantee you’ll never hear from them again.

A cell phone reverse listing can also be used to find out who your girlfriend or boyfriend has been called behind your back. When they are not looking get the recent call history off of their cell phone. Later you can run it through the reverse listing service and print out a list of all the people they have been calling, or have gotten calls from.

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