Using Cell Phone Reverse Listings

ex: 555-555-5555

Cell Phone Reverse Listings can be used to search out and find the owner of any cell phone number. If you’re getting unknown or prank phone calls and need to find out who has been calling you a reverse phone search is what you need.

All you need to use a directory service is a phone number with area code. You will then be able to look up any number in the country, including cell, lanlines, pay, business and residential and even unlisted numbers. You will receive the persons name, address, billing address, carrier, and depending on the service you use you may be able to use the advanced search and find out the juicy details. Like criminal and court records, school and job history, marriage and divorce records, financial history, school and even what kind of car the have a loan on.

Want to find out who your husband or boyfriend has been calling on their cell phone? Reverse search their latest calls. See how honest they are. Of course this works for guys too. At one time we were getting prank calls and hang ups in the middle of the night. The person would call and not say anything. I got their number from my caller ID and called them back. Got their voice mail, no surprise there. Or they would answer and not say anything.

This went on for a few days until I had enough. I joined a search service and ran their number. I researched out their info and printed it out. Next time they called I called them back and said something like, is this John Adams at 3344 west 1st street? The one that works for the water department? Hey, how is your new Toyota running? I would have loved to see the look on his face. Turns out it was my girlfriends ex boyfriend.

The calls stopped immediately. I did mention if they did not I would report him to the police for phone harassment. This will also work for exposing telemarketers. Ever get repeated automated telemarketing calls? You can get the companies main office phone number and give them a quick call. They always seem surprised when they get a call, like how did you get this number.

Here is a little tip, some services will let you pay a smaller fee to do a one time search, I discovered that the difference you pay to become a yearly or lifetime member is worth the price difference. Once you find out the sort of info you can dig up on someone you will find yourself running searches on friends, family, co-workers and maybe even your employer.

We reviewed the top reverse phone search services on our main page.

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